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All over the world people take pride in and enjoy the game of football. Football is easily the most popular sport in the world with millions of fans worldwide. If you’re in love with football and want to enjoy a quick game, is the game for you. is similar to top-down football, the game gives you the same view, and the objective is to score as money goals as possible. It’s an incredibly fast-paced and fun variation of the game of football.

The game has six playable modes. The modes include one vs. one, two vs. two, three vs. three, five vs. five, classic and training. We recommend that you start with training so you can get an understanding of the movements and the objective of the game. To win the game outscore your opponent within the given time limit which is similar to real football.

That is where the similarities end as you play as a circular button instead of a football player. The game is entirely dependent on your movement as there are no specific buttons to pass and shoot. To move the ball, you need to hit it with your respective pin. The direction the ball will go in depends on the angle of impact with the ball. The path it will travel depends on how hard you hit the ball.

For this reason, the movement and engineering of the game take some getting used to, but it isn’t hard to master at all. NitroClash.IO is a must try the game for any fan of football. It gives you a chance to enjoy the sensation of scoring a hat-trick and leading your mates to a victory.

How To Play

Playing the game is incredibly simple; you’ll line up according to the mode you play. If you play a proper five v five game, you’ll line up with four random pc players. To control the movement of your player, all you need to do is move your mice accordingly. The dependency on having a mouse control will make playing with a touchpad hard, so if you’re playing on a laptop make you sure you’re using an external mouse. You can also create your custom nickname to play with, and it’ll appear in the rankings.

Furthermore, the game also allows you to play with your friends. To play with your friends press the button found on the top left. Once you press this button, you will receive a link, send the link to your friends, and they will be able to join your game. There are certain features reserved for people that create an account to play. However, unlike other games creating an account will let you save your stats and progress. is among the most fast-paced and fun IO games out there right now. Get your mates together for one of the best free online football games.


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