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We’ve all had that moment where we’ve been sitting in class and started doodling. If you love drawing and doodling is the game for you. One of the most exciting and unique online games out there.

The objective of the game is simple. Players are present in a room with other players. One player will be randomly chosen to draw whatever is that he wants. The drawing can be absolutely anything, and the objective of the other players is to guess what the picture is. The first person to guess what the doodle is will earn some points. The winner is declared when the “goal of points” is met.

This game is a real test of your drawing skills and your interpretation of other drawings. allows up to 50 people to join a single game. You can join rooms which are already present in the game or you can make your room. By making your room, you can customize things like themes, the number of players and set the “goal of points” which is the number points required to win the game. The game is playable in 67 languages, out of the 67 languages 18 are available with themes.

Furthermore the game gives you the ability to invite your friends making it a great way to kill online together. It’s a way to interact with friends that live far away from you as well at any given time.

How To Play

To start playing the game all you need to do is go to the quick play side and input your nickname. This nickname can be of your choosing but make sure it isn’t offensive as other people can report you for it. Below the nickname bar, you will find the language tab. You can choose the language of your choice from this tab. You can select the play option if you want to jump into any random room. The room option on the right side takes you to the visible room tab. The visible room tab contains various themed rooms that you can join and start playing. There are some different themes you can pick; these include foods, animals and objects.

To get all the other features, you’ll have to sign up. You can sign up quickly with your twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts. Once you sign up, you get the ability to create the theme of your choice. Signing up will let you create your room and invite all the friends you want. Additionally, you can save the rooms you frequently visit by adding them to your favorites.

Additionally creating your account will let you chat with all other players as well. Getting into some banter is one of the most fun experiences online.  Be careful though as people can report you, don’t cheat at all while trying to play this game. So get ready to strap in and start drawing. is waiting for you.


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