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Draw My Thing is an online multiplayer mini-game, which is very similar to ‘Pictionary’ game. In Draw My Thing, one player has to draw, while others need to guess what it is before the time runs out. It is a perfect game for art lovers as well as for people who want to relax and have a good time after a long day’s work.


Draw My Thing is not only a fun filled addicting game, but is also a great way to socialize and interact with people from around the world. It grants players freedom to be as creative as they can be and express themselves at the same time allowing them to learn about others by looking at their drawings.

How to Play

The game has 20 levels; in each level, the players are assigned the role of either artist or guesser. The artists are given a specific word and they must draw something that will give guessers a hint about the word letting them guess the word. Although artists are free to be as creative as they can, but it is prohibited to write that exact word because it is against the game rules. The guessers are presented with a bar at the bottom of the screen with underscores and a timer, but with the passage of time, underscores are filled with words leaving only a few blanks. Guessers must write what they think is the correct word in the chat window. The first one to guess the word correctly gets 3 points, while others earn 1 point each for the right answer.


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