Muddy Heights

Muddy Heights has been played 5,334 times and received a rating of 4.08 / 5 (82%) from 48 votes.

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Game rating: 4.08 based on 48 votes.

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Do you love playing pranks? Play Muddy heights then. A nasty game of bombing people and vehicles with poop bombs from the top of your roof. You are stuck in a pathetic situation where you have eaten a lot and want to poop but wait. This is going to earn you points. Mess up the roads and create chaos with your poop bombs to earn points.


The game has interesting graphics and colorful details. There are lots of different levels for gamers to compete. As you drop your poop to hit the right place and create mess, you earn cash and points. Money can be used to purchase different food items, which will add extra strength to your poop. The more the merrier! Create a big chaos and secure more points. You will get amused to see people falling and tumbling over your poop bombs, as they spread through the road. Buying a gum will make your poop bounce higher, burger makes it slide better giving it a greasy touch, while big burrito makes your poop larger. Play the game to find out other interesting features and poop attacks you can use.

How to Play

Move your poop in different directions with ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘W’, ‘D’. Press the “space bar” to throw it on your desired location.


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