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Most of us when we’re growing up find hacking incredibly cool. There are countless movies on the subject matter, and most of us have tried learning it growing up. Most of us have also failed, not to mention the small fact that hacking is illegal. However, if you want to enjoy hacking in a safe environment, S0urce.io is the game you should play.

S0urce.io allows you to perform your own hacking simulation against other players. It lets you experience entirely being a hacker. The game is one of the most unique multiplayer experiences out there.

The game is currently in Beta 2.2 mode with active developers looking to improve the game continuously. Once you open the game, you need to log in with any nickname. The objective of the game is to become the best hacker in the world; you can achieve this by reaching the top of the rankings.

The game has six tabs that contain the entirety of the actions you can perform. The six tabs are Black Market, My Miners, My computer, Target List, Chat, and Rank. Each of these tabs performs a unique function that is essential to the core of the game.

To begin hacking, you need to access the target list. The target list is where you’ll find all the other hackers in the game. You can proceed to select a target and begin the hacking process. The hacking process is relatively simple at first. It is a simple matter of typing the words that appear on the control panel. As you type in words the, progress bar fills up. Once the progress bar fills up completely, you are successful.

Once you complete the hacking, you get money as a reward. Furthermore, you can put salt on the wounds by leaving the target a message. This message can be whatever you want and it’s an interesting interactive feature.

A further objective of the game is to earn as much money as possible. To help you earn money easily the game allows you to purchase miners from the Black Market. These Miners help you make more money, as you progress further the miners continue to get better. The new miners allow you to make more money and you can access them in the miner’s tab as well.

As hacking is the core aspect of the game, other players can hack you as well. To protect from potential piracy, it is crucial that you upgrade your firewalls. Firewalls are upgradable, but they require you to progress through the game, as you progress through the game the firewalls keep getting better. As the firewalls get better, you become that much harder to hack. Furthermore, the game requires you to participate by continuously making you recharge your firewall. Once you’ve played the game a fair bit, you’ll start progressing through the ranks. The last achievable tier is master. Keep playing and soon enough you’ll be littered with bitcoin and will be on top of the hacking tree.


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