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Text Twist is one of the most exciting games you enjoy online. It’s just an outlet that players can use to practice scrabble. If you want to brush up your scrabble skills and become a better player, Text Twist should be right up your alley. Once you launch the game, a blue screen with all the instructions will greet the gamers.

Gamers will get the option to choose from six different letters. Using these alphabets, players can make several different words. The longer the term, the more points gamers will receive. Furthermore, you get more points depending on how quickly you can fill out the terms. To reach the next level of the game, you must successfully fit in a six-letter name. Once you add in the six-letter word, the game will take you to the next level. The next level involves you receiving a new set of alphabets to make words

Additionally, below the alphabet’s gamers will receive most of their controls for the game. The first power-up involves the use of the twist. Whenever you press the twist button, you’ll be able to randomize the letters. Randomizing letters will allow you to get a better gist of the words that you can use.

The next button is “enter,” which gamers can use to input the word into the grid. Furthermore, you can use the clear button to get everything out of the system and get rid of any words that aren’t correct. Progressing through the game will get you a higher score, the more levels you clear, the higher you will be on the leaderboard.

Text Twist can be the perfect game to play when you want to play, but you don’t have the time for a full set.

How to play Text Twist?

Mouse- Control

The game is super easy to play, and the only thing that you need to use is your mouse. Your mouse is the master control system. You can select the words and drop them off into the grid. The control scheme is super accessible so that absolutely anyone can enjoy the game.

Strategies to use

  • Make sure you get the small words first. Filling up the little words quickly means that you can rack up points. Get as many points as you can before using your six-letter name to get to the next round.
  • Don’t be afraid to shake it up. If you can’t guess any more words and are stuck, the twist button can be beneficial. Somecatimes a little bit of rearrangement is all you need to let the words flow.
  • Try progressing through rounds. The more shots you make it through, the more points you can accumulate. Make sure you have a six-letter word ready to go.
  • Sometimes looking at the last word you enter is helpful. The previous word power up showcases the most recent entry into the grid. Maybe by just looking at the world, you’ll be able to find something similar.

So, get ready to become a master wordsmith with this fun take on scrabble.

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