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Game rating: 3.92 based on 13 votes.

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Tenk.io is an exciting free-for-all tank shooter game, with the element of multiplayer fighting. The game revolves around you driving your tank around the map shooting other tanks, hitting them will make your vehicle grow and if you get hit your tank will shrink.

As you move around in the map, you will see gold coins by collecting them your tank will also grow. There are two ways to upgrade your vehicle will improve in Tenk.io. The game focuses on the upgrading factor a lot. When the size of your tank increases, you become more dangerous and powerful.

In the game Tenk.io, you will also come across green hexagons on the map. These hexagons act in a way as a power-up. If you keep on shooting at the green hexagon, it will eventually turn into a giant bullet which deals a lot of damage. Power-ups are very helpful when you have to take down tanks bigger than you.

The game also lets you personalize the tank, which you will use. You can change its color and pick different skins, making the tank your very own. Tenk.io even offers surfaces of countries flags, so that you can represent your country while playing Tenk.io. Everything builds a sense of attachment towards your tank, making Tenk.io all the more fun to play.

How to play Tenk.io?

The controls of the game are straightforward to understand; people of every age can get used to these controls. The movement of the tank is with the “WASD” buttons, while you aim with the mouse. By clicking the left button, you can shoot.

WASD – Movement
Mouse pad – Aiming
Left mouse button – shooting


  • In this free for all, all-out tank war, you can use many strategies to get an edge in battle. The most simple and easy one staying out of the way, it is free for all. Let the others do damage to each other while you focus on collecting gold coins to increase your tank size.
  • Another Strategy to apply in Tenk.io will be to start very aggressively. Take out the competition while they are still small, which will make you grow as well — using this strategy will help you even during end game when you need the most prominent tank to win.
  • Aside from other players, you should also lookout for the sponges around the sides of the map. Your tank can bounce off them and so can your bullets, so play with caution when on the map edges.

Tenk.io is an entertaining war game, where you can have an all-out tank battle. Is it just me or doesn’t that sound super amazing, a free for all battle with tanks enough said.


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