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Game rating: 4.17 based on 6 votes.

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Lordz2.io is the brilliant follow up to Lordz.io. The game is a tower defense game like the original. It takes all the fantastic aspects of the first game and builds on them even more.

Lordz 2 takes gamers to the time where different lords would compete for land and power. The game wants you to build up your tower and defend it with all your might. The objective is to become the strongest lord in the land and rule over the others.

The game is an incredible sandbox. Gamers can build whatever kind of castle they want using the materials in-game. However, you don’t necessarily collect anything other than money. Money allows you to buy and craft everything in the game.

The very first thing you’ll need to do in the game is to build your castle. Once you create the castle, you get access to other crafting options. There are so many towers and houses that you can make easily. Each building in the game has a specific purpose. An archery tower is better off at facing cavalry while a mage tower faces off better against dragons.

The different forms of infantry you can select in the game have their advantages and disadvantages. The most robust units cost the most. However, you can overwhelm enemies with more significant groups as well.

When you build a forge, you can also upgrade your existing units. Upgrading units make them much more effective at the battle. The stronger your army, the higher your chances of victory. The game is so much fun to play. The vast number of infantry and their different skills give you so much creative control.

Gamers are entirely in charge of their army and the way they fight. Whether you want a blitz with cavalry, or long-range archery Lordz 2 lets you do it all.

Additionally, if you log in to the game, you get access to much more. There are multiple skins for your avatar and the army as well. A lot of the customizations take inspiration from pop culture. You can even become everyone’s favorite king in the North

How to play Lordz2.io?

The controls are relatively simple. You can move character either using WASD or Arrow keys.

The mouse controls the camera and where you aim. You can control where your army attacks using the left-click on the mouse.

After accumulating your army, you can split troops by pressing space. Once you cut the military, you also get a speed boost.

WASD–– Movement
Arrow keys–– Movement
Mouse–– Camera
Left-Click–– Attack
F–– Crafting menu

Strategies to use

Build your castle first. Before focusing on your army, make sure you have enough castle defense. Regardless of how large your army is, anyone can take you out by destroying your base. Make sure the station has enough protection.

Don’t leave your area too much. Don’t go running out to compete against other lords. Each battle will deplete your army significantly. Make sure you return to base to recuperate after a while.

Invest in long-range attackers. Long-range soldiers are more effective than short-range ones. Archers and Mages give you much more tactical control than other infantry classes in the game.


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