Ball Mayhem Ball Mayhem has been played 4,313 times and received a rating of 4.67 / 5 (94%) from 6 votes.

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Game rating: 4.67 based on 6 votes.

Home » Sports Games » Ball Mayhem is an entertaining and straightforward rugby game. The game comes under the category of a multiplayer sports game, meaning you can play fast-paced American football. The game follows the same concept as Rugby or American football, which is crossing the end zone with the ball to score a touchdown.

In Ball Mayhem you will have to work together with your teammates to win the match. When the opposing team has the ball, you must tackle them to take the shot away. It is an entertaining game with elements of both attack and defense, making it an exciting take on simple, fast-paced sports games.

In the match last for 2 minutes, and with each win, you progress in the games ranking system. It’s super simple and easy to understand, making it a game for all ages. For those who want a simple, fast-paced sports game, is perfect for you.

How to play

The controls of are super simple to understand. Use the mouse to move around the player, and while doing that if you hold down the left mouse button, the player will sprint. While sprinting, you can tackle the other team to steal the ball from them.


Mouse pad – movement

Left mouse button – Sprint


  • As this is a sports game, you can apply many strategies in Each plan will suit a different play style. One might focus on defense while the other may have a more attacking style. It is up to the player on which strategies they go with; it all depends on their technique.
  • One way to go when playing Ball Mayhem is going all-out attack, entirely focus on scoring a touchdown and leave the defense to the team. When following this Strategy, it is important to note that you cannot pass the ball in this game. When the option of passing isn’t available, you must focus on the ball. Wait for the opening. As your teammates tackle the player, you must take the free ball towards a touchdown.
  • Another way to go will be becoming a wall and focusing on defense. This Strategy is simple to understand and easy to follow, making it excellent for new players. You shouldn’t be worried about taking the ball. You must focus on tackling the other team and defending your teammates. By doing so, the opposing team will not be able to steal the ball, and your teammates will easily score touchdowns.
  • You can follow another strategy which is a combination of the previous plan. Going all-out attack to take the lead and then, defending your goal with all the might you have. This strategy will ensure that you will win every match however, it can be boring at times.


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