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Home » Fun Games » is an excellent office simulator “.io” game. In you are the boss, take control call the shots and run your business. is resource management and work simulation game.

In, your main task is to hire new employees and take care of their moral. As you progress in this game, your office will expand. The expansion allows you to hire even more employees, helping you grow your business. If you can’t generate enough money, your game will be over.

The game is very hectic and fast-paced. Employees are very demanding, asking for bonuses or vacations. Managing the employees is the main thing you do in, and this game does an excellent job in making this task seem so fun.

As you begin, every day running the office will cost $2. Each employee earns $3 per day, so expansion early on is natural. However, as you progress and expand into a new office, your running costs will increase. As this happens, the becomes challenging. Every choice is crucial, and it is so fast-paced, it super hectic. is one that will make you always be on your toes.

The overall theme of is hilarious and comical. Employees will randomly wander off and stop working. You must click on them to ensure they work again. The background music of the game goes well with the theme of a funny, chaotic office.

How to play

The game is super simple to play. Everything works with the mouse. You must click on the green tick to accept any decision. The red cross represents rejecting a choice. It’s all just basic stuff and super simple to understand. Remember to be quick about it in, as time moves very fast in it.


Left mouse button – To Play


  • As is a resource management style game, there are many strategies the player can follow. You can rule the office with an iron fist or be a highly motivating boss.
  • You can rule the office with an iron fist and mistreat employees. However, by doing so, the employees will leave. So, if you want to follow this strategy, you will continuously be employing new people. This strategy comes with a risk, as you might run out of employees and go bankrupt.
  • You can be a highly motivating boss, giving your employees bonuses and vacations. By following this strategy, you will have a staff with a high moral. When you have a high morale workforce, you will have constant cash flow, and expansion will be possible. However, this strategy is also risky, as accepting all your employees’ request is a sure shot way to go bankrupt.

A combination of both these strategies is your best bet in Have staff with an excellent moral level, but don’t go overboard. Remember, employees are replaceable in, so giving them regular vacations is not a very good idea. A mixture of both strategies ensures survival in this hectic, chaotic game.


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