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Home » Driving Games » is an exciting game and is very fun to play. It is a “.io” version of the popular online game “Slightly annoying traffic.” has elements of racing games as well as a puzzle game; the combination of these two categories makes the unique and lovely to play.

The player will take control of the flow of traffic, as the automatic traffic lights are out of order in-game. In, the main goal of the game is to avoid accidents and manage the crazy traffic as long as you can. Even if one car gets into an accident, it is game over, which makes this game super hectic. ensures that the player will always be on the edge of their seat, the chaotic traffic is tough to manage, and there is never a dull moment. For every car that safely crosses, the player will get 100 points as you progress. An increasing number of vehicles passing through would help increase the score.

In the traffic moves only in straight lines, allowing the players to track the movements of the car quickly. There are a total of four ways the traffic moves, horizontally forward and backward as well as vertically forward and backward. Additionally, there are a total of sixteen lanes in the map, which is why this game is so hectic and chaotic.

How to play

The controls of the game are super simple. You mostly need only one button. Movement of the traffic is automatic. You can only stop or make the cars move. Apart from that, there are no further controls, making this game super simple to play. However, traffic management is more than enough to keep the players on their toes.


Left mouse button – Stop/Go
Esc – Pause


  • In you must survive for as long as you can without getting into an accident, the game is super chaotic, and the gameplay is more rewarding towards players who act on their instincts rather than Strategies.
  • Follow the rules of everyday traffic, when opening one lane, make sure the intersection is empty or is close to being empty. A lot of the game resembles daily transportation, so if you use the knowledge that any good driver has to can excel in the game.
  • Watch out for the train, the lights will blink to notify a train is coming. Make sure you stop the cars before or after the train track. The train comes super-fast and lasts for a few seconds, and in a few seconds even feel like forever. So pay close attention to the warning lights, they help out a lot.
  • Always let one lane open. It can be of your choice to keep it always accessible and stop and move the other roads to avoid the cars of the said lane. This strategy might be hard to follow if you are a new player, but once you get a handle on things, it becomes way more manageable.


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