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If you’re familiar with Text Twist, then you already know what you’re getting in the sequel. However, Text Twist 2 brings you a brand-new interface. Everything about the game has more definition and verve. You can now take part in two different modes. The game offers a timed mode and an untimed mode.

The main idea of the game is the same as the 1st one in the series. Gamers will get six random alphabets with a different number of word combinations. To move on to the next level in the game, players must make a word with every single alphabet in the grid. Once they have done so, players can move on to the next level.

Timed mode involves players trying to make words as fast as possible. If you progress through the game, you’ll be able to increase your score even more. Furthermore, the new game is even better to practice for fans of scrabble.

Gamers can also enjoy the Untimed mode, which is much easier to handle. Players that aren’t as quick thinking can enjoy this mode without worrying. All the progression in this mode is much the same as the timed mode. However, there’s no need to spend time worrying about the clock running out.

How to play Text Twist 2?

Unlike the first game, players can use both the mouse and keyboard to enjoy Text Twist 2. Similar to the first game, the mouse serves as the primary control. However, you can use the keyboard to use the power-ups in the game. It is much more efficient and helps you play the game faster.

Spacebar– Twist letters
Enter– Enter the word or repeat the last word
Backspace– Remove the last letter
Tab– Clear all letters
Mouse– Control

Strategies to use

  • Fill up the words as fast as possible. The six alphabets allow you to form several different word combinations. Fill the grid up as quickly as possible and gain the ultimate reward.
  • Don’t be scared to use the twist power-up. The twist allows you to randomize the order of the letters. Whenever you get stuck, you can rearrange and try to get a new angle.
  • Practice your six-letter words. The only way you can reach the next level is the six-letter word. Make sure you brush up on some long words so you can get through the levels

If you want to clear all the letters in the grid, just press tab. It’ll save you a lot of time, and you can easily restart the process.

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