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Game rating: 2.15 based on 13 votes.

Home » Fighting Games » is a new online RPG that people of all ages can enjoy. The game follows the MMO format, meaning you’ll always be playing with people from all over the world. The game puts you into a new realm, where you’re a hero that must repel all the monsters.

Each map will have a certain number of players that you can see on the top right. The leaderboard will showcase its level and fame. You gain both levels and recognition by defeating the different types of monsters in the game. As you earn more levels and reputation, naturally you’re going to get more gold.

Getting loads of gold in the game is necessary; all the best items in the game are available from the various shopkeepers. Additionally, you can also find different types of weapons and equipment by merely exploring the map.

Be careful where you end up exploring; however, higher-level enemies will take you down instantly. Make sure that you start grinding, in the beginning, areas. These areas typically contain enemies with lower levels.

The game may be simple, but there’s a lot of activities for the player to complete. Not only are there main missions, but the character can also go on several side quests. Gamers can even make their hunting parties take on more colossal enemies.

There are several boss battles in the game. Depending on how strong you are, you can take the bosses down on your own. However, taking on the same bosses with a bunch of friends is a lot more fun. is a surprising game, it may seem very simple and easy, but there’s a certain amount of depth to the game. The gameplay encourages multiple different playstyles, and there’s a cooperative aspect as well. The game may be a simple browser game, but it captures the essence of what makes an MMO experience amazing.

How to play

The game doesn’t offer much of a tutorial, but, you can find the controls on the main menu. The keyboard only serves as a means to access your inventory in the game. It is the mouse that controls all movement and actions.

The player’s character will move wherever you click your cursor. To attack your enemies, select them with your cursor and use the left click. Furthermore, you can open the inventory by pressing the E button. From the catalog, you can assign several items to the quick access keys. These keys are from the numbers 1-5, respectively.

Movement–– Mouse
Attack–– Left-click
E–– Open inventory
1-5–– Quick access items

Strategies to use

  • Focus on low-level enemies. When you start your journey, take on the lower level enemies first once you gain enough experience from these enemies, you can take on the stronger ones.
  • Form a group. Take advantage of the people playing the game. Cooperating with other players in the game is an excellent way of ensuring you stay alive.
  • Escape to safe zones. Dying in the game will cause you to lose fame and XP. If the enemies ever overwhelm you, retreat to a safe zone. The player’s health will regenerate once they reach a safe area.


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