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Game rating: 3.67 based on 3 votes.

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Lordz.io puts you into the shoes of a lord, and you must get your army ready to face the other lords in the realm. The game is essentially a tower defense game. Once players start the game, they get the option to pick between three different characters.

Each different character represents a different class of warrior. Siegfried is the first warrior option in the game. Picking him as a character will grant a boost to all the warriors you generate. Similarly, there are other different warriors that players can unlock by playing through the game.

The second class in the game is the archers. The chief archer you can get at the start of the game is Robin. The hero will grant a boost to all your different archers. There are only three major heroes in the archer class. However, there’s no need to worry. The developers of the game bring out regular new updates. So, there will be new additions to this class soon enough.

The final class in the game is the mage. The starting character gives you a boost to all the wizards you summon. Unlike the archer class, the mage has plenty of different heroes you can select.

The different set of heroes are unlockable by collecting tokens. Each character has a set number of symbols. These tokens are available from the different reward chests in the game. The more you play the game, the more chances you have of unlocking all the various heroes in the game.

The fundamental objective of the game is to reach the top of the leaderboard. Gamers can do so by building the most massive army possible. However, make sure that you build towers to support your troops. Once you have the infrastructure, you can get the infantry. Depending on the amount of gold you collect, you can even pick up some dragons for your army.

How to play Lordz.io?

The game uses a simple control scheme. The mouse controls all movement, while you can attack enemies by clicking on them. The keyboard controls all your summoning abilities. Each different key denotes an ally that you can summon for your army.

The keyboard also controls all infrastructure that gamers can summon in the game. Each different army unit or support has a specific cost. Once you have the proper amount of gold, you can quickly gather whatever you want.

Mouse–– Movement
Left-Click–– Attack
Split Army–– Space Bar
House–– E
Tower–– R
Soldier–– T
Archer–– U
Barbarian–– I
Dragon–– O

Strategies to use

Collect gold first. Without the proper amount of gold, you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Venture out and collect as much gold as you can in the start.

Build your infrastructure first. Once you get done with all the infrastructure building, you can move on to building your army.

Get some dragons on your side. Sure, they may cost a lot of money, but no army is complete without a dragon. If you want to wreak havoc, invest some gold into that dragon.


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