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In the world of casual games, being simple in premise is a significant advantage. Tileman.io is exactly that but it’s incredibly addictive. The game plays similar to other area capture game. You’re in charge of a ball and color. As you move around the map the ball leaves a line denoting your territory. Forming shapes with the lines will capture the territory for the players.

The rounds are endless, so the objective of the game is to survive as long as possible. You will compete against several other players. These players will either try to gain more territory or eliminate other players. You can eliminate your opponents by crossing across their lines.

Eliminating opponents won’t give you any extra points, but it’ll help you go up in the rankings. Furthermore, it will also give you an advantage when increasing your area. If you have less enemies to worry about, the result is significantly better.

If you do suffer elimination, you will have to start over from scratch. There’s only one chance so you need to be strategic with your movement if you want to survive. An interesting addition in Tileman.io is the ability to stop. By allowing players to stop you give them a new tactic to use.

Additionally, to keep players on the hook the game has some interesting avatars and skins. As you play more and accumulate points, you can easily unlock all the items. Furthermore, there are several different game modes you can enjoy.

Each different mode represents a new challenge. If you ever get sick of the normal mode, you can try the other ones on offer. Each one has a unique feature that separates it from the other. The game has immense out of replayability. Once you get start playing, you’re going to find it real hard to stop.

How to play Tileman.io?

Luckily for casual gamers, Tileman.io has very straightforward controls. You can control your ball by using several keys. The numpad keys will work, as well as the regular direction buttons. Additionally, you can also use the WASD keys to move around.

The E, P, and Numpad 5 button allows you to stop and readjust your positioning. If you’re playing with a keyboard, the numpad feels the most comfortable to use. However, the laptop feels more than adequate as well.

WASD– Movement
Arrow Keys– Movement
Numpad Keys– Movement
E,P, Numpad 5– Movement

Strategies to use

  • Be tactical. You only get one life in the game so reconsider your move. One tactic is to make very small movements. It’ll take time to gain a substantial area, but it’s the safest method.
  • Use the stop button. The in-game chat allows players to communicate. Some rounds may involve no eliminations. Using the stop button can help you readjust, and reconsider the move you’re about to make.
  • Try to eliminate other players. Regardless of size any player can take out their enemies. By eliminating other players, you can easily capture more land without worrying about losing.
  • Make large movements. Once you clear out the battlefield you’re free to capture the map as you please.


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