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N00b.io is a new open-world FPS shooter that uses Minecraft mechanics as well. The game is a ton of fun to play and even allows you to pick from different characters. Each class in the game has different attributes. The game will enable you to build plenty of styles so you can easily see which role suits you best.

Each round lasts for a certain amount of time. All players on the map get their rank according to the number of kills they get. The objective of the game is to get the most kills possible. The game has a variety of weapons that will suit different playstyles.

There are several melee weapons, like the knife and much harder hitting weapons as well. The game has weight physics as well. If you’re carrying a more massive gun, you’ll experience a drop in your speed. Additionally, there are short-range and long-range guns in the game as well.

You can be a sneaky sniper, or wreak havoc with a rocket launcher. The variety of weapons in the game does help encourage multiple different playstyles. The weapons you get in the match are also random, so you better get familiar with all the in-game guns.

There are also typical Minecraft mechanics as well. Players can mine items and craft different things from the menu. For a simple browser game, Noob.io indeed does pack a lot of detail.

Each round has unlimited respawns as well, promoting aggressive playstyles. However, the game balances it out by providing healing items. These give players the strategic option to retreat, heal up, and get back to the fight. N00b.io might be simplistic, but it covers all the aspects an FPS game should. So get ready to battle it out with several other players for the top spot, oh and try not to be a N00b!

How to Play N00b.io?

Noob.io controls like most modern FPS games on the PC. You can move either using the direction keys or the WASD keys. The spacebar will allow you to jump, and F will enable you to pick up different weapons. Players can cycle through these weapons using the number keys.

The mouse controls your means to aim and shoot entirely. The movement of the mouse will control your camera and aim, while the left click allows you to shoot. Particular weapons in the game have scopes that you can use by pressing the right-click.

You can access the item menu in-game by using the E key. The mouse allows you to navigate and control through the list.

WASD–– Movement
Arrow keys–– Movement
E–– Menu
F–– Pick up item/weapons
Mouse–– Aim/Camera
Left-Click–– Shoot
Right-Click–– Scope/Sights

Strategies to use

  • Find weapons fast. Regardless of whether it’s a pistol or a knife, grab whatever gun you can first. It’s better than having nothing at all.
  • Head for houses. The various homes and buildings in the game, have weapons and items in them. Make sure you visit to stock up.
  • Get familiar with all weapons. Weapon spawning is entirely random. It’s better to know how to use all of them to get the most kills.


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