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Game rating: 4.16 based on 19 votes.

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Hole.io is a unique free to play online game that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s a very straightforward game that puts you in charge of a tiny black hole. The purpose of the game is making the black hole as massive as possible.

The black hole can necessarily, swallow anything it comes across if it’s big enough. Each blackhole will also get a random color assignment at the start of every round. Depending on the size of the hole, it can absorb practically anything on the map. Your score will increase proportionately depending on the size of the object you increase.

You can also absorb other players on the map to give you a boost to your score. Depending on the size of the player you swallow, the more points you get. The most prominent players may be the hardest to consume, but they offer the biggest reward.

Each round lasts for two minutes. The objective is to be the most massive black hole on the map in the end. There’s also respawning, so it doesn’t matter how many times you die. Each time you face elimination, you’ll start at the same size you were before. However, do the most you can to avoid losing.

Furthermore, the game also offers several different ways to customize your look. As players progress through the game, they earn experience and currency. Using the in-game currency, players can buy several new avatars and skins. These customizations are essential and significantly improve the gameplay experience.

How to play Hole.io?

The controls of the game, like all IO games, are incredibly simple. The intuitive controls allow practically anyone to jump in and enjoy the game. You don’t even need a keyboard to play the game. The mouse will enable you to control all the functions you need to perform efficiently.

To move around the map, you’ll be relying on the mouse. Wherever you move the cursor that is the direction the blackhole will move. The mouse control gives you a lot of freedom to move wherever you please.

You won’t move around by just pointing the mouse. You’ll also need to press the left mouse key to move in the direction of choice. It’s important to remember that when you grow in size, your movement will become significantly slower. These are all the controls you need to remember to enjoy the game.

Movement–– Mouse
Initiate Movement–– Left-click

Strategies to use

  • Move quickly. As soon as the round begins, you should already be on the move. Each player starts on the same level, so it’s essential to establish an advantage first. Being the first to move will allow you to gain.
  • Target smaller objects first. As you roam around the map, you’ll realize that particular objects are lower than others. These may offer fewer points, but they’re much more comfortable to consume. Targeting these initially will allow you to grow in size quickly.
  • Spawn trap players. Spawn trapping players is one of the easiest ways to grow in size fast. When you eliminate a player, they might spawn again in a location close to you. Take advantage and get some easy kills.


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