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Driftking.io is for all of you car fanatics out there. The game is a drifting game with a twist, it’s a demolition derby at the same time. Oh yes, not only will players be able to drift wildly, they can smash up other players on the map.

Due to the MMO style of the game, you’ll be competing with other players from all over the world. Every player is striving to be the best on the map, so bring your best. The game will start you off with a necessary car. However, as you drift and accumulate points, you also gain experience.

The experience you gain will help evolve your car into a better version. The evolutionary cars all have better handling and speed. Furthermore, they also weigh less on your tires. As you drift around the map, you’ll notice a bar for your tire hp. When the bar runs out, you’ll lose your drift and will need to find new tires.

Additionally, there’s another bar indicating the health of the car. The only time you recover health is when you evolve into the next vehicle. No health regen items are lying around the map. Enemies will be able to deal you damage if they crash into you, so try avoiding them. Furthermore, crashing into the multiple obstacles in the arena will also damage your car.

Once your vehicle runs out of HP, it’s game over. You can stop yourself from losing health by collecting the armor powerups. These powerups spawn randomly around the map, be sure to get to them first.

The game is straightforward to play and is an extraordinary amount of fun once you get to grips with how to play. Before long, you’ll be drifting with the best of them. So get behind your set of wheels and get ready to sail!

How to play Driftking.io?

The game uses very intuitive controls. You control your vehicle using the WASD keys, which is pretty self-explanatory. You use W to go forward and S for backward while the A and D keys control your turning.

Players can use the hand brake function by pressing the spacebar. However, there isn’t necessarily a moment in the game where you need to use the brake. The cars will drive pretty much as soon as you turn.

These simple controls allow practically anyone to pick up this game quickly. Once you understand the mechanics, nothing will stop you from racking up the points!

WASD–– Movement
Space–– Handbrake
C–– Change Camera

Strategies to use

  • Keep your foot on the gas. While it may not seem the smart thing to do at first, accelerating gives you a lot more control. Once you turn the car, keep pressing the accelerator to keep the car rolling.
  • Focus more on drifting. While eliminating opponents might be fun, drifting is what gets you on the leaderboard.
  • Avoid collisions. Avoiding any accidents is the best way to maintain HP. Once you lose your health, it’s game over. Do everything you can to keep your car safe.


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