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Home » Fighting Games » is a game that uses Minecraft mechanics, albeit in an entirely different aesthetic. The game may rely on similar mechanics and the same general idea; however, it looks different. uses a completely top-down view and uses sprites that look incredibly cute.

When you begin the game, it asks you to pick a server and a nickname. There are two servers that you choose from, and these are the EU and the US. Make sure you select the server with more players so that you can have a more lively game. Gamers can win the round by collecting the most amount of gold.

There are multiple ways to earn gold. One of the methods is to mine for the ore itself. Alternatively, players can also craft and sell items to make money. Another more powerful way is to rob the other players on the map.

You can choose to play the game peacefully, or you could go all out and attack other players. Make sure you have a long-range weapon before engaging in any violent tactics. Long-range weapons will give you a distinctive advantage over other players.

While playing the game, in the top corner, you’ll notice a sign-up option. Selecting the option and signing up allows you to save your progress. Keeping progress will enable you to invest much more into your character, and customize it as well. Furthermore, you can enter the in-game leaderboards. Reaching the top may seem complicated, but if you keep at it, you can surely take the spot.

There’s no doubt that fans of the Minecraft series should play this game. It uses several of the same mechanics but presents them in a wholly different light. For gamers who don’t play Minecraft, this game can be a decent stepping stone into the genre of games.

How to play

Gamers can move their characters by either using the WASD keys or the Arrow keys. The spacebar will control the jump button, while the E button opens the menu. The menu is where you’ll be spending a lot of time, so it’s good to get familiar with the interface.

Furthermore, you can pick up weapons and items by only moving over them. If players want to drop any things, they can do so by pressing Q. The mouse button will control your direction and aim. Additionally, the left click on the mouse is your first action command.

Regardless of whether you hold a weapon or an item, the left click allows you to use the object. The game also gives you pop up instruction before any command, so it’s elementary to understand the controls.

WASD–– Movement
Arrow Keys–– Movement
E–– Menu
Q–– Drop Item/Weapon
Mouse–– Aim
Left-Click–– Action

Strategies to use

  • Collect wood first. Mining wood is the fastest way to get materials and better items. Once you have enough wood, you’ll be able to make better crafting tools to mine more resources.
  • Build your base. Find a mob spawning area and build your base around it for a smooth experience. The mob-spawning tactic is a reliable Minecraft strategy that works well in this game as well.
  • Sell items. You’ll potentially craft a lot of useless things in the game. Sell them to earn extra gold that can help you get up the leaderboard.


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