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Home » Shooting Games » is a unique browser game, that presents an exciting concept. The game is essentially, a vehicular combat game. You, along with several other players, will be on a map. The objective is to get the most kills while surviving as long as possible.

All in all, the game seems pretty simplistic. However, where it becomes incredibly exciting is the crafting options. You can build whatever combat vehicle you want in the crafting menu. uses a block style building method, that’s easy to understand. You have a variety of building materials to choose from, and each block takes a definitive amount of space.

You only get a certain amount of space, so you have to pick and choose what you need. Your combat vehicle can be of any shape or size that you desire. If you want to build a tank with a lot of armor, and a potent weapon, you can easily do that.

Furthermore, if you want to create a speedy vehicle with multiple weapons, you can easily do so using the variety in the game. There are ten different kinds of threats. These weapons include plasma lasers, canons, bullets, and others.

While at first crafting your vehicle may seem complicated, there’s no reason to give up. Try several different combinations, and you will find one that suits you. The ability to experiment makes this game exciting.

You’ll never know what kind of enemies you’ll face in a round. Each player will have their creative ideas. While it may be true that players with more experience will have an advantage, you can easily catch up. No player gets any additional material that they can use to their advantage. is an incredibly exciting game that all gamers should try. The ability to create your combat vehicle sets this game apart from other similar titles. Regardless of whether you create an imposing tank or a comedy vehicle, you have the freedom to do it all in

How to play

The game has straightforward controls. You move your tank by using the WASD keys. There’s no backward direction, so you can only move forward. Gamers can aim their weapons by using the mouse and can fire the guns by using the left click.

The crafting menu is accessible from the main interface of the game. You control crafting by merely selecting the block using your mouse and placing it in the right place. The design is intuitive to allow players to learn quickly.

WASD–– Movement
Mouse–– Aim
Left-Click–– Shoot
F–– Repair

Strategies to use

  • Try making speedier builds. Speed gives a significant advantage in the game. If you can outmaneuver your opponents, you can easily take them down. Making a speed build with light weapons can help take down your enemies.
  • Aim for the core. The core is what controls each enemy in the game. To take down bulkier opponents targeting straight towards the heart is your best strategy.
  • The game rewards experimenting and creating crazy vehicles. If you think you need that extra weapon, you add the additional threat.


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