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Home » Shooting Games » is an online multiplayer shooter that you can easily enjoy. The game is entirely free to play and has brilliant gameplay. There’s only one map that players can play. In each round, you will form into a team with other players.

To win the match, you must get more kills than the other team. If you manage to get more kills, you’ll gain success against the other side. Each match begins with the player spawning in their base. The camera of the game takes a lot of inspiration from Fortnite.

Instead of the traditional FPS camera, makes use of a 3rd person camera. Fans of the Fortnite series will immediately feel at home. You begin each match with two weapons. One weapon is the crossbow while the other is a rocket launcher. The crossbow does about 40 damage per hit, while the rocket launcher does much more damage; however, it’s less accurate.

Additionally, players also get a set amount of materials to start the match. Each piece of equipment has a different purpose. There are the regular wall shapes that players encounter in Fortnite. However, there’s a different set of material that’s incredibly interesting. The new content has properties that allow you to boost movements.

Using these new platforms completely transforms how you can move in the game. You can fly around the map, taking out multiple enemies as you go. Regardless of whether you choose precision with the bow or destruction with the rocket launcher, the game is a lot of fun.

There are also several custom options that you can enjoy as well. All of the unlockables are wholly free and merely require you to play the game. If you’re looking for a quick play browser shooter, then is a perfect choice.
How to play
The game handles similarly to a lot of the FPS games out there. Players make use of the WASD keys to control movement, while the spacebar allows the individuals to jump. Furthermore, by pressing down the button, you can correctly bunny hop around.

The left mouse key allows you to shoot while moving the mouse controls your camera. Furthermore, you can easily switch between weapons and materials by using the 1-6 number keys. These buttons allow you to access whatever you need to fight quickly. The game has super simple controls, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Camera–– Mouse
Left-Click–– Fire Weapon/ Place Material
WASD–– Movement
Spacebar–– Jump
1-6–– Weapons/ Materials

Strategies to use

  • Destruction over precision. While the crossbow may be significantly more accurate, you can deal massive damage with the rocket launcher. Use this to your advantage to eliminate multiple enemies.
  • Become a master of movement. The game follows a breakneck pace, to ensure that you can compete you need to learn movement. Bunny hopping in the game is incredibly useful and will make you harder to hit.
  • Use materials. Building up walls in strategic locations helps you gain a tactical advantage. Achieving the higher ground makes your enemies much more comfortable to hit.


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