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QWOP online is a brand-new online game that’s as rewarding as it is punishing. The game puts you in charge of QWOP. QWOP are necessarily athletes that are competing in the Olympics. Currently, there’s only one sport that players can participate in, the 100m track race.

However, you won’t break any records when you first start playing the game. The game does sound very straightforward, and all you have to do is race the 100m. Yet, life is never that easy. Racing in the game is incredibly difficult. Unlike most online games, gamers have the ultimate control in this sprinting game.

Instead of controlling a simple action or movement, QWOP tasks gamers with controlling individual parts of both legs. By pressing a specific button, players can control either the thigh or calf on each leg.

Running in the game is all about maintaining your rhythm. Before gamers can reach blistering speeds, the first thing to learn is how actually to move. Trying to perfect your form, in the beginning, will cause you to lose a lot of lives. The game has incredibly frustrating mechanics.

The game is especially severe in the beginning. There’s even a high chance that in the start you might go backward instead of going forward. However, you can’t let failure bring you down.

Once you figure out the proper way to move, you won’t die as much. Build up a head of steam, and ensure you maintain form. Before you realize, you’re going to be getting close to beating some Olympic records. Stay on your guard though, pretty sure there are some surprises along the way.

The game delivers a very remarkable experience. Instead of running the fastest, you and your friends will be competing to see who can run the furthest.

How to play QWOP?

Luckily, the game is incredibly simple to play. All you need to use are four buttons on the keyboard. These buttons are Q, W, O, and P. Each different key controls a separate function. Q and W are in charge of monitoring how QWOP’s thighs move.

While O and P are in charge of controlling the calves. To move appropriately in the game, players need to get the proper combination between the buttons right. There is an order and rhythm to how you cover the distance in the game.

The simplest way of figuring out how to move is playing the game.

Q, W, O, and P–– Limb control

Strategies to use

Practice makes perfect. As you begin with the game, you’ll realize that getting the hang of it is quite tricky. The more you play the game, the more comfortable you get with the controls.  Once you start practicing, you’ll learn how to play the game, and your level of play will improve considerably.

Work to your rhythm. There aren’t any extra points that the player gets for going fast. Work up your rhythm slowly. Make sure you’re in the zone before taking any drastic steps.

Be on your guard. There are surprises you’ll encounter along the track, Always be vigilant so you can deal in the best way possible.