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Game rating: 3.74 based on 19 votes.

Home » Driving Games » is a fun and exciting version of the classic snake game, you can say the game takes inspiration from the classic snake game. In Snakebus you are a bus, which has to pick up passengers. As you pick up passengers, your coach will grow in size, and you will gain points. The more passengers you pick up, the longer your coach will grow. Using the same concept as the classic snake game, if you hit your bus, the game is over.

When talking about personalization lets you choose your display name. However, that is pretty much it. The bus that you will have changes and is always completely random. The overall world in the game is decent, the city in which you drive feels like a city and is an excellent map. will deliver high-quality graphics without lagging, even if you have slow internet. lets you play online with other players, making this a very competitive game. You can hit other players to end their game; however, watch out you can get hit as well. By defeating all your enemies, you will win the game.

The look and feel of the game are so natural and unique. It perfectly captures the simplicity of the snake game but adds exciting concepts to make the game feel more original.

How to play follows the same concept as the classic snake game, four-way movement, but it also adds other exciting thoughts. By pressing the space bar, you can make the bus jump, which can be helpful in tricky situations. also offers power-ups, there are two types Ghost mode and nitro. You can find these power-ups on the map, be sure to collect them. By pressing the “G” button, you can go into ghost mode, making you invisible to other players. By pressing the “F” button, you can use the nitro, allowing you to travel at super speeds.

Arrow keys – Movement/Driving
Spacebar – Jump
F – Nitro
G – Ghost mode

Strategies to use

  • In, you can play in many different styles. With the introduction of other online players, the game becomes very competitive. You can drive real fast collect as many passengers as you get can, and then focus on other players. However, playing aggressively might make you the center of intention, making you an easy target.
  • If playing aggressive not your style you can always lay low and wait for the other players to finish each other off, while you cheekily pick up passengers. Following this strategy can lead you to many victories, only if you stick to the edges of the map and let the others do damage to each other.
  • To succeed in, you need to take full advantage of the added elements, like jumping to evade other players and using power-ups to their full potential. By using the power-up Ghost mode, you become utterly invisible to other players, making it both offensive and defensive. The nitro can also be used to get out of tricky situations.

All in all, is a fascinating take on the classic snake game, adding elements like online play and power-ups add more to the already excellent game.


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