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T-Rex runner is an incredibly simple game to anyone who ever uses the Chrome browser. The game is straightforward and has very addictive gameplay. The game is essentially an easter-egg that you can discover when your internet stops working.

On the page you get where you don’t have an internet connection, you can press any button to activate the game. In the game, you’re in control of a dinosaur that’s running through a desert. On your run, you’ll encounter several obstacles that you’ll have to get across. You can either jump over the barriers or go under some. The game is incredibly simplistic, and that was the vision from the start.

The game essentially hankers back to simpler times. According to the developers, it’s a play on how life was much simpler without WI-FI. A throwback to prehistoric times if you will. As you progress through the game, it gets progressively more difficult. The game gets harder as you move forward. Obstacles can grow more extensive, and space in-between will get larger.

The developers boast that the game will last for an entire entirety. It has the potential to run for 17 million years. The 17 million years represent the entirety of the time the T-rex spent on the earth.

Players can enjoy the game on platforms that chrome is available. The moment when your internet stops working can seem like a very annoying moment. However, the T-rex game allows you to enjoy moments of happiness while you’re stressing out about the internet.

How to Play T-Rex Runner?

The controls of the game are incredibly simple. If you’re playing on a phone or any touchscreen, tap to jump. While you’re playing on the computer, there are two types of controls you can use.

You can jump either using the spacebar or the up key. While you can duck using the down key.


Tap –– Jump


Spacebar –– Jump
Up –– Jump
Down –– Duck

Strategies to use

  • The longer you press the key, your jump will increase accordingly. A longer rise may be necessary to clear certain obstacles. Make sure you don’t mess up on some long hikes.
  • Don’t stay in the air for too long. As you progress through the game, patterns become more irregular. While in the air, pressing down will help you land quicker. Use this strategy to get out any tricky situation.

Stay calm, and have fun. Don’t let the game frustrate you. The more you relax, the better you will perform.

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