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Game rating: 4.25 based on 4 votes.

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If there was ever a time where giants were on the earth, there’s no doubt it would be brutal. showcases exactly that. From the creators of, this new simple and fun game is a must-play. However, it isn’t for those that are easily frustrated as this is a challenging game.

There are no specific rounds in the game, and the objective is too last as long as possible. Your giant has two main moves. The first is the attack which you use to deal damage and the second move is the dash. The dash allows you to move around the map quickly to evade or tactically reposition yourself.

Due to the game not having any actual rounds, it becomes super brutal. You start as a level 1 giant, and as you defeat enemies and collect rocks, you gain experience. The experience you gain will eventually let you level up. Leveling up will improve your giant in a multiple of ways. Your attacks will have more range and will deal much more damage. Additionally, the more your level, the more significant your size becomes. The additional size enables you to take more damage as well.

No matter what level you go down at, the round will always start you from level 1. Furthermore, there’s much more else to the game as well. There are different characters that you unlock by reaching certain levels. Each specific character has their unique abilities. These special abilities are what ultimately set these characters apart. Apart from that, each character has their weapon and attack animation.

Moreover, the game has a pervasive customization system. While playing around, you can collect treasure chests. After the match, these treasure chests will contain items that you can equip. The things can quickly help significantly improve your player. Certain weapons will help improve your damage or your armor depending on the loot you get. Different loot will also have specific rarities; these rarities affect the impact of the item.

How to play

The game is challenging; however; the controls are incredibly simple. You primarily only need a mouse to play the game. The mouse will control the movement of your character. The right mouse button works as the attack button, and the left controls the dash. Be careful; however, the boost takes a while to recharge.

Mouse- Movement
Right-click- Attack
Left-click(hold)- Dash

Strategies to use

  • Be careful in the start. Once you begin the rounds, you need to be careful. High-level players can take you out with one hit. The best strategy to use is sticking to the outskirts of the map.
  • Make use of the dash. As you start the round, you’ll be smaller than most of the other players. It’s essential to evade these players because they can take you out with one hit.
  • Mastering the boost can help you avoid the situation.  Pick off enemies. If you roam around the map, you can quickly asses all the other players. Take out enemies that are low on health. It’ll help you reach higher levels fast.


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