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Game rating: 3.88 based on 17 votes.

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Evowars.io is a cool battle play game featuring a horde of exciting features which add to a fabulous gaming experience. As with other battle-play titles like Agar.io, Evowars is specifically designed to include elements of engaging gameplay, voguish characters, and brilliant visual effects. It has fast become popular amongst gaming enthusiasts owing to its action-packed sequences and riveting game plot. Do you have what it takes to grab the battle-play crown? Get ready for some thrilling adventure!


Fun and immersive, this game is definitely not to be missed, especially if you are a fan of challenging combats and fiery battles. It comes equipped with awesome features like exciting new levels, special weapons, backdrop set in the middle age, cool characters, and hefty rewards. There is a wide range of special weapons like swords and guns including magical orbs which make you more powerful and enable you to gain an edge over your enemy. The gameplay requires you to survive and evolve in an intense battling arena so you need to be fast and vigilant to emerge a winner.

How To Play Evowars.io?

In Evowars.io, you battle the rest of the opponents to grow and dominate the game. To play, choose your character which is essentially a caveman and start fighting the rest with your sword. Your aim is to grow in rank to become a great viking, a knight, or a warrior. Be careful to dodge the attacks of your opponents, as they have sharp daggers ready to knock you out. Collect powerups & upgrades like magical orbs as you move up each level to get to the top of the global leaderboard.


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