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Game rating: 4.67 based on 3 votes.

Home » Shooting Games » is a fun and entertaining Battle Royale type game featuring cartoon characters and cool game elements. Taking inspiration from other Battle Royale games, the gameplay is quite interactive offering you a chance to compete against the most skilled gamers across the world. The game has been designed to include vibrant visual effects and stunning graphics which add to a brilliant gaming experience.

Features is packed with interesting features comprising a battle royal style backdrop, customizable characters, fun new levels, and exciting rewards. The battling arena is huge where everyone is trying their best to knock the other challengers out to grab the winning slot. Mobg features special weapons like machine guns, shotgun, minigun, ray gun and loads of other ammunition. Do not forget to collect rewards and power-ups in the game such as “gain speed”, “triple barrier”, “damage protection” and “acceleration” amongst others.

How To Play

To begin, choose your character and enter the battling arena where you need to survive until the end to emerge a winner. As you take on the rest of the opponents, make sure you collect weapons and upgrades scattered across the large arena as you move through the map. Stay vigilant and keep an eye on the attackers. You need to be swift to kill the enemy before they get a chance to pounce on you. Use the ‘healthcare’ objects to gain energy and keep your health bar status full. Win as many fights to gain higher ranks and grab the winner’s title in this fabulous game.


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