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Game rating: 3.33 based on 3 votes.

Home » Fighting Games » is an entertaining, fast-paced and cushy battle game which will have you pining for more gaming. It is extremely immersive and addictive. Just like ( and (, this battle-play title requires you to evolve and knock out the rest of the opponents with your quick wit and fighting prowess. So, are you up for the challenge?


The game has been specifically designed to include a cornucopia of features like AI jellyfish, special weapons and upgrades like speed boosters, bonuses, and exciting new levels. You are required to fight other animals in the game universe with your sword making sure you evade their attacks and collect the power-ups on time to increase your chances of winning.

How To Play

In order to play, customize your character which has a sword and enter the battling arena to take on your opponents. Start killing them to gain more points and to rank higher in the game. You can also kill jellyfish looking animals to get additional points. Make sure you upgrade your weapons and collect boosters along the way to build up your character. Most of the opponents in the game are dangerous, skilled and experienced players, so be vigilant and look out for any attackers. Be proactive, go for killing and act quickly to slay your enemy before it gets a piece of you. Do collect the tiny candy pieces scattered around the map dropped by opponents to gain rewards.


Walkthrough Video