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Home » Shooting Games » takes a lot of its inspiration from the original cell eating extravaganza Fans of will automatically find familiarity within this game. The main purpose of the game is simple. Players need to outlast everyone else on the map to succeed. However, has a couple of exciting strategic features that enable it to stand out. It’s easily one of the best .io games out there.

Where things get interesting in is that each player is mostly in control of one blob. Your purpose like anything in life is to eat and grow to your maximum size. The larger you are the higher your chances of survival in this game. You can increase in size by eating other enemies or the tiny orbs spread around the map. However, as you grow more substantial, you’ll notice a significant dip in your speed.

To successfully consume other enemies, the player’s blob needs to be larger than the victims. If the size of your enemy is more significant, they will destroy you. Interestingly, this isn’t the only aspect of the game. Players can take control of their blob in two unique manners. Players can let go of their mass by shooting it. This technique can be especially helpful when you’re trying to outrun a more massive blob.

The other technique you’re in control of is multiplying. By multiplying your blob will split into several different smaller parts. This technique can be quite deadly once you’re at a substantial size. It can allow for a quick escape as well in desperate circumstances.

Like every .io game, there’s a lot to do apart from just the gameplay. Upon starting the menu, you’ll notice there are other options instead of just playing the game. You can also customize your blob from the skins menu. There are several different skins to choose from, and if you’re high level enough, you can use custom pictures as well.

Allowing you to use your pictures is a great way to add a custom aspect into this game. Furthermore, there’s quite an active chat as well. The conversation means that you can interact with other gamers while you play.

How to play

The way to play the game is incredibly simple. You’re in control of a blob that must consume the other blobs on the map. Consuming enemy players is quite easy. You can do this by only moving over them.

W- Shoot mass

Strategies to use

  • Be sure to avoid conflict in the start. The matches don’t end; it’s about staying alive the longest on the server. Several other blobs will already have a head start, so be sure to work your way up.
  • Don’t be scared to multiply. Multiplying in this game is a super effective tactic. You may lose a lot attempting to master the technique. However, once you have it down, you’ll understand its real purpose.

Shooting mass can allow you to escape larger enemies. The game needs you to grow as large as possible. However, smaller blobs are faster. If you’re stuck in a corner and need an escape being smaller can have its advantages.


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