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Game rating: 3.45 based on 11 votes.

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Everyone loves Superheroes. Thanks to Marvel and DC now everyone in the mainstream also enjoys superheroes. If you didn’t expect the Io game world to catch on to craze well, then you’re wrong. is fun to play arena game with all your favorite characters. The game has over 30 playable heroes that you get in between battles. The objective of the game is to remain the last person standing on the map. Several other players will be competing to win, so you need to be ready to fight it out.

Each player will start out as Captain America, but as you eliminate other players and collect orbs, you gain experience. The experience will allow you to level up. As you level up, your superhero will also change. Each new character is more significant and has a more extensive attack range. The game is simplistic and has enjoyable cartoonish graphics. The game has a staggering amount of in-game heroes that players can get. The maximum level players can reach 30, meaning there are 30 superheroes to collect.

Additionally, for every match you participate in, you get coins. Coins depend on the number of kills you get per game. These coins then go into upgrading your character. You can increase the damage you deal, your attack range, and movement speed for a certain amount of money.

Getting all these upgrades can be an easy way for you to beat the competition. The more you play, the more benefits you get. With enough updates, you’ll be able to outclass all other opponents on the map.

How to Play

The game is simple and fun to play. You can control the movement of your character using the mouse. The right-click button controls the attack, whereas the left-click enables your hero to dash. Using the attack button, you can eliminate other enemies. You need to be careful, however, as each player is only one hit. If you take one hit, you’ll die, and your game will end.

Mouse- Movement
Right-click- Attack
Left-click- Dash

Strategies to use

  • Be quick. Dash in and around everywhere to make sure you are hard to hit. The harder you are to hit the more trouble enemies will have eliminating you. Furthermore, by quickly mastering the movement, you can attack using new vantage points.
  • Collect as many orbs as possible. Apart from taking out other players, the only way to improve your character is by collecting balls. These orbs are spread all over the map.
  • Upgrade your hero. It’s not enough to stress the advantage you’ll get by upgrading. By increasing your base damage and movement speed, you’ll become practically untouchable.
  • Be cautious. Regardless of how many upgrades you have, every character is still one hit. As easy as it is to be aggressive and take other players out, someone can do the same damage to you. Always stay on guard and that way you’ll be sure to win multiple rounds.


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