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Home » Shooting Games » is a unique game, and it is a Battle Royale Shooter. The game follows Fortnites style, and some fans even call it “2D Fortnite”. Following the rules of a typical battle royale, last person/team left wins. In Buildroyale, you’ll have to eliminate opponents, build to defend yourself and upgrade your loot to win. Buildroyale provides the user with three different game modes.

You can play solo, which is simply a massive free-for-all last person standing wins. You can partner up and go “Duos,” which follows the same rules, but now you are a team of two. Lastly, you can play in a group of four in the “squads” mode, better get your squad ready if you want to claim the title of master builder.

The loadout of the is very similar to Fortnite. You have a total of 6 items/weapon slots. The first slot is for your pickaxe, which has the primary use of gathering material for building but can also be used as a melee weapon. The other five slots are empty when you start the game. You will need to explore the map to collect weapons and healing items. When you eliminate an opponent, you can then loot them to upgrade your inventory.

In Buildroyale weapons have five different rarities, gray is the lowest being common, followed by uncommon green, then blue is rare, purple is epic, and the highest rarity is gold called legendary. Shotguns are suitable for close-range combat, firing a lot of bullets at one time. SMGs fire bullets and have a limited range making them ideal for close combat. SCAR and AR-15 are for medium to long-range combat, and both of them are excellent weapons. Long Range weapons also exist in Buildroyale. They are “Scoped Assault Rifle” and “Bolt” which is a single shot long-range weapon.

Another major factor of the game is the option to build walls to defend yourself. You will have to gather material to create. Trees, tables, chairs will provide you with wood, rocks will give you brick, and metal being the rarest to collect is also the most effective. As you progress in the game, be sure to check the map, as the red storm will slowly be covering the route. Once you enter the wind, you will take damage, and this damage will increase later on as the game progresses.

How to play

The game is easy to play, and the controls are straightforward. The “E/F” keys are for picking up items and opening chests. The right-click is for aiming, using the scope. You shot with the left click. “Q” button will toggle the build mode, allowing you to build walls with the material you collected. The spacebar is for jumping over fences and other obstacles. Players control sprint by pressing the “shift” button, reload your weapon by pressing “R.” The Tab button is to view and manage your inventory, and by pressing the “M” button, you can see the map.

Even if the controls seem complicated, as you begin a game in Buildroyale, you will be in the lobby. While in this lobby, you can practice your building and get a hold of the controls.


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