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Game rating: 4.08 based on 13 votes.

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Hilly.io is a fantastic game and is very fun to play. It is an accessible “.io” version of the famous mobile game Dune from Voodoo. However, in Hilly.io, you can compete with other players, in the original Dune game you cannot. Adding the multiplayer element in Hilly.io makes it a very competitive and fun game.

The game comes under the category of racing games and is very simple to play. The game has a side-scrolling format, and it looks fantastic that way, it even runs very smooth. As it is a racing game, the main goal is simple, be the quickest and cross the finish line in the best time. You must be fast, to do that you must account for the slope and height of the hill as well.

You are racing against players from all over the world. The race begins with around 20 players, however after each checkpoint the players who can’t make it get eliminated. If you pass an inspection, you get more time, meaning you can race for longer. The elimination element makes the game fast-paced and exciting.

The game also offers many personalization elements, allowing you to make the game your very own. You can alter the color of the background and hills. The game offers two options which can be day and night. Hilly.io also provides you to customize your racing ball. You can alter the color of the ball as well as apply a different skin on it. The costumes are available for purchase by gems, which is the in-game currency of Hilly.io.

In Hilly.io while racing, you will see the gems on the map collect them to buy skins. The in-game currency of gemstones is also useful when buying upgrades. There are a total of four updates available, and each of them is very useful. There is Magnet power which will make collecting gems easier. Then there is the winning prize which will increase the winning prize of each race. Second to last is the gems multiplier which will increase the number of gems you collect, and lastly, we have offline earnings which are pretty self-explanatory.

How to play Hilly.io?

The game is super simple to understand. However, it needs some time to perfect it. By pressing the space bar or clicking the left mouse you accelerate, keep in mind that Hilly.io is a momentum-based game. You will have to accelerate depending on the hills, and it gets quite hectic when other players are also competing with you.


Left mouse button/spacebar – Accelerate

Strategies to use

  • In this racing game, momentum is everything. You must keep the momentum going by timing your acceleration. The hills will break your energy, and you will have to start building your momentum again, watch the mountain as you accelerate.
  • Be sure to keep your jumps low and fast, remember it not about how high you can go it is about how far the ball will travel.


Walkthrough Video