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If you are looking for an epic driving game, look no further than In, you play against other drivers, and you have to push other drivers off the platform. The game takes inspiration for the famous match, in that with each elimination done by you the car you will be driving will grow. It’s Nascar and demolition derby all in one.

The game is super easy to understand and extremely fun to play. The game offers various car models, which you can drive with. These car models are purely aesthete and provide no performance differences, but it’s always nice to see some customizing in these types of games.

The platform on which you drive and fight in changes every match, the map is randomly chosen, making it very interesting. There is even a map which looks like a football field. The random maps make the game super fun to play. If you fall off the platform, the game ends last one standing is the winner. has basic graphics, but they work with the format of the game. The simplicity of the game is one of the things that make the game work so well. Each model of the car that you use is unique and colorful. Some models even have decals adding to the aesthetic level of the game.

In, you also have a ranking system. Each win lets you progress in the ranking. Top the rankings to earn bragging rights over your friends, and be the most dangerous driver in your group. The race or match has a total of 12 players, by being the last person standing you will win the game.

How to play

The controls of are super simple to understand. You drive around by clicking the left mouse button and moving it in the direction you want. By ramming into other cars, you will also go backward from the impact, keep that in mind when attacking.


Movement – Left Mouse button + Mouse pad

Strategies to use

  • Try to keeping in perpetual motion to avoid other cars. You must maneuver as quickly as possible, to attack others and knock them off the platform. rewards the patient players who wait for the perfect opportunity to eliminate their opponents.
  • A Strategy which many players can follow is to lure players off the platform. You can do that by driving near the edge of the platform and dodge the drivers trying to knock you off, as you avoid the driver there is an opportunity to knock the enemy off the platform easily.
  • Another tactic that you can follow is to knock out as many people, as early as you can. By following this strategy, your car will increase in size, making it easy to knock out people in the late game. The plan may be challenging to do when starting the game. However, as you get the hang of things, it will become way easier to follow.


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