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Game rating: 3.67 based on 3 votes.

Home » Driving Games » is a super enjoyable online game. Players will be on a map with other online players competing to win each round. Each player has their snowplow, and they need to eliminate the other enemies on the map. The game is a lot of fun to play and super easy to understand.

As you move around in the snow, you build up your snowball. The more giant your snowball is in size, the easier it becomes to knock the other enemies out. Additionally, you can also drive in your snowball to other players. Driving it in will knock them backward, and the objective is to throw them off the map.

Each match is one single round, and as you progress the map continually decreases in size. No matter what you do, you’re going to have to fight with other players. As soon as the match gets on a smaller playing field, a large number of characters will make it fun. You can either play defensive or go on the attack. The game may be simple, but it also allows room for a lot of strategies.

Additionally, for participating in each game, you will earn a certain amount of XP and in-game currency. Depending on where you finish the match you’ll get more XP. Winning a round is what grants you the most XP and money. The more XP and the in-game currency you have, the more items you can unlock. Unlockable items include different skins for your snowplow and different themes for your snowball. Using these customizations, players can make sure their character feels unique, and in style they prefer.

How to play

Being an IO game, it’s incredibly simple to play. The controls aren’t complicated at all. To move your snowplow, you need to click and hold on the screen. After you do this, where you move the mouse controls your truck. If you let go of the mouse, the car will shoot the snowball forwards.

These are all the controls you need for the game.

  • Right-click(hold)- Build Snowball
  • Release- Throw Snowball
  • Mouse- Movement/Aim

Strategies to use

  • The game is easy, yet allows for different styles of play. You can choose to knock players out by throwing snowballs at them from afar. Drive around the map and accumulate a giant enough snowball. The larger your snowball is, the easier it will be to eliminate opponents.
  • Another useful tactic to use is instead of throwing the snowball, drive into other players. The more giant your snowball, the further you’ll knock back other opponents.
  • Combine both methods of attack for maximum efficiency. If you want to become a true master at this game, you need to be deadly with both attacks. Combining the two styles of play can be a lot of fun.

•    Stay on the move always. If you move regularly, you become harder to hit. The better you are at maneuvering the truck, the better your chances of winning the round. Furthermore, by always moving, you’ll continue to build up your snowball.


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