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Game rating: 3.67 based on 3 votes.

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Give up 2 begins where the first game left off with the Evil Tasselfoot, welcoming you back to his cruel lab. Give up 2 came out nearly three years after the release of the original game and fans of the game were clamoring for the release.

Upon its release, it did not disappoint. The game has much sharper graphics than the original inception and runs smoother as well. Give up 2 brings back the similar formula of absolute punishment that got so many people into the game the first time. There’s an unconditional guarantee that you’re going to die on the many stages of this game.

The game also expects that you’re familiar with the first game. Due to which the difficulty of this version of the game is even higher. You’ll see tons of new level design that’s going to frustrate you even more. With vanishing tiles and new enemies to avoid you’re bound to have a much harder time with this game. As you move through the game, it becomes progressively harder.

The game also lets you look at your stats while you play. You can see the number of deaths up till now, and the time it’s taken you to reach the level. You can set scores in the game. The scores depend on the number of deaths and the time it’s taken you to reach the end of the game. It all depends on if you manage to complete the game, if you can’t complete the game, then there’s no high score.

Another exciting feature is that TasselFoot the evil robot has a lot of newer dialogue. To take it even further Tasselfoot now has full voice-acting. Yup, instead of reading the robot’s dialogue this time around, you’ll hear him. The voice is also annoying, which plays into the, you should Give up agenda.

Speaking of which, the Give Up button is back as well. You may see a different cut scene this time but, you’re going to have to press the Give up button. Just remember, the primary purpose of the game is not to Give up. Once you do give up, you’ll lose all your progress. You can see how much progress you make by looking at the bottom bar of the screen.

Furthermore, you can also technically cheat a bit. The game gives you a tab that has a direct link with a walkthrough that you can open at any point. The walkthrough will contain a significant amount of detail. All these details will help explain how you can easily get past each level. However, the most amount of fun remains with trying to beat game down on your own accord.

How To Play Give Up 2?

The controls of the game are simple enough. You can use the WASD keys to move. Alternatively, the arrow keys control movement as well. The controls are simple enough; the most important thing to remember is that the longer you hold down the jump button, the further you will jump. Additionally, you can also double jump to get over higher to reach obstacles.

Give Up 2 Is a throwback to the time where you had to work to make progress in a game. So get ready to grind it out, whatever you do, Don’t Give up.

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