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Scrabble Blast is another unique take on the Scrabble game genre. It isn’t like your regular scrabble game. It’s very different. The game is entirely a single-player game and works predominantly as a guess the word type of game.

When you start playing, you will see a full scrabble board. Letters will already be in random locations across the board, and you’ll have to select tiles to make words. You can choose words that are next to each other or diagonal to one another. You can’t pick words across another block; however, so the game does require some strategic movement.

The game makes use of scrabbles scoring, however, as you will come across the various multipliers in the game. Each letter has a rating that goes from 1-10. This rating indicates how many points you will get for using a particular tile in your word. The multipliers in the game are mainly the double letter, triple letter, double word, triple word. Each multiplier will exponentially increase the score of the word you make. The game may seem simple enough, but there’s an added twist. As you eliminate words and more enter the game, there’s also the chance that bombs will enter the board. These bombs will explode after a certain amount of time unless you defuse them.

You can defuse the bombs by meeting the word requirements of the bomb. Each missile will tell you a minimum number of letters that you use in a word to defuse the bomb. Once you defuse the weapon, you’ll get a bonus number of points depending on the size.

The game works on several different levels. So at a specific level, you can only choose a certain number of words before the game takes you to the next level. Each level will become harder as the bombs will require more significant words to defuse them. If a bomb tile reaches the end of the board, then it’s game over. You get a beautiful animation, but you’ll have to restart the game from level one. If you’re not cheating and using a thesaurus, this game can be tough. However, with practice, you’ll be able to sharpen up your skills and find high scoring words in all the mess.

The game is an impressive single-player take on the scrabble genre that fans can enjoy and try set the highest score possible.


The controls of the game are pretty one-dimensional. You can use the mouse to click on the letter you want. Once you select your first letter, you can then proceed to choose the alphabets that spell out the word. You can submit the word by either click on the last tile you select or use the dedicated button on the left.

The left side of your screen will also show you your score and the number of words you make in the round.

If you don’t think single-player scrabble is going to be fun, this game is going to prove you wrong.

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