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Home » Fun Games » is a fun and exciting game, it is a top-down multiplayer style strategy browser game. The game revolves around life in an ant colony. The player starts as an ant as you progress in the game, your colony grows.

The game revolves around you becoming the most prominent and most influential colony on the map while defeating all other enemy colonies. When trying to achieve this goal, you have to beat both prey and predators to survive.

Keep your Queen alive if she dies, it is game over. The Queen can either die if the enemies attack the nest or she starves to death. Your Queen must be well fed and safe before you go and attack other the teams’ queens. is in simple terms, an ant simulator game. Ant simulation games may not sound fun; however, does an excellent job of making the game fun and challenging. They do all this and still make the game feel super realistic. It truly is a beautiful game with a lot of fun content.

How to play is a bit complex to understand. Once you get the hang of things, it becomes way more manageable. The mouse handles all of the controls in Press the left mouse, and the ant will move in that direction. Pressing the left mouse button twice will allow you to interact with the world and things. By clicking on the right mouse button on your ant will enable you to open the command menu, allowing you to view all the options you will have.


Left mouse click – Movement
Pressing left mouse click twice – Interact with things
Right mouse click – Open command menu


  • is a game which requires the player to use a lot of different approaches to progress in the game. The gameplay works just like a real ant colony will, the game has super realistic mechanics making the game super fun.
  • When starting the game, you begin as a Queen ant looking to find the right spot for your nest. The game recommends that you find a place that is near food and has humid weather. Choosing the right spot is very crucial in It can make or break your game. Resources should always be close to the nest.
  • Try to build your nest under rocks, allowing your den to stay hidden from enemies. As you progress, your nest will become more abundant. It will grow in size, allowing other players to see your den even under the rock.
  • When developing your colony, teamwork is vital. Communication is essential in; without it, the growth of your settlement is minimal. Without discussion, your territory will be in constant chaos. Your Queen and larvae will starve, your nest will be under continuous attack without anyone defending it.
  • You can have various types of ants. It depends on the food the larvae eat. Spiders will drop blue round shaped food when they die. If you feed this to the worms, they will become soldier ants. Create your army of soldier ants to kill all other enemies’ queens and become the biggest ant colony in the world.


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