List of Skyrim Console Commands and Cheats

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Skyrim is one of the oldest games around with an active community. The game has been around for nearly ten years now. It’s become quite the juggernaut in the gaming world. Players are actively devoting their lives to game development and exploration. What all this exploration mostly does is open up new avenues for the ever-growing community of players.

The exploration is leading to us discovering more and more about the game. Learning new ways to modify and alter the game, improving on the core aspects of the game. PC users can even make use of the in-game command console to cheat through the game.

While it’s not ethical to cheat your way through a game but with the number of crazy things you can do in Skyrim a little cheating is okay. Players put in hundreds of hours into the game after playing the main storyline. Using multiple cheat codes can help you create a unique play through that will certainly spruce up your game.

How To Open Up The Command Console?

Before you learn any of the codes, it’s essential to know how to open up the console command menu.  The console command menu is essentially the control panel of the game. The control panel allows you to make several different changes to the game using specific codes. Every single command serves its purpose codes, and there are thousands out there.

If you don’t know how to open up the command console no need to lose sleep over it, opening it is a straightforward task. You need to press the tilde (~) key, the tilde key underneath the ESC key on the keyboards that come on windows laptop. If you’re playing Skyrim on a MacBook which is highly unlikely given the graphical limitations the tilde key is next to the left shift button. Pressing the button will immediately open the command console.

The command console itself is incredibly easy to understand as well. There’s only one area where you can type in the commands. Other than that, the console command shows all the controls you enter. Being able to view all history can help you keep better track of the codes you input.

Additionally, several codes that you will see in this article use <> or #, you can’t input any of these while adding the laws as the control panel won’t recognize them. The symbols indicate the ID of the in-game item you want to use in the code. Once you get the hang of entering codes, you’ll be doing them automatically.

Furthermore, there’s no reason to worry about any case sensitivity while entering the codes. Whether you use caps lock or not the laws will open easily. If before this guide you through accessing the control panel of the game was something only pro players could do, you’re wrong. It’s incredibly easy to enter in codes and do crazy things in Skyrim.

We know it becomes incredibly hard to resist entering codes once you know how to access the console command, so don’t worry here are some of the best Skyrim commands you can use.

16 Most Powerful Console Commands for Skyrim

Each Skyrim code is different from the other some may alter the capabilities of your characters, while others can help you immediately finish a quest. Some of the laws out there are particularly game breaking.

It’s recommendable that you choose to play with the game-breaking commands once you complete the main game. It is entirely your choice, however; you can choose to play the entire story with codes on if you want. Without any further ado, these are all the cheats you can use.

God Mode

When a Skyrim command goes by the title of god mode you know, it’s going to do something special. You can toggle into god mode by entering the command “tgm”, that’s all you need to do to become completely immortal in Skyrim. Entering god mode basically grants you infinite of the three main character statistics. Your health, magicka and stamina do not run out regardless of your actions.

You can basically just tank through anything that comes your way using this command. Cast magical spells until your fingers tire from pressing the buttons, run the entirety of the map if you want to. The command code allows you to do incredible things. Additionally, your inventory spaces become unlimited as well. All possible barriers in the game go down for you with this command.

Immortal Mode

The immortal mode is similar to God mode. However, it’s a little less overpowering. To activate immortal mode input the “tim.” Immortal mode ensures that your health never runs out. You still take damage in the game so you won’t be the same tank you were in god mode. However, the code is still pretty game breaking.

You can virtually eliminate the most potent enemies of the game using your fists. The code doesn’t impact anything apart from your health, so your carry weight remains. The system is best suited to people that are having difficulty getting through a specific area without dying. The god mode command is much powerful than the immortal mode command.

Unlock Anything

Lock picking is a skill that few people in Skyrim actively enjoy doing. It does create a sense of immersion. However, it’s arguable that players instead spend their upgrade points elsewhere rather than waste them on being able to pick high tier locks.

Arguably though you need to be able to pick locks to get the best loot in the game, there are several ways to work around this in play. Finding keys or a companion that specializes in lock picking is the in-game solution to the problem. The other alternative solution is merely using the unlock command.

Using the unlock command is a little different from the other powers in the game. To unlock any specific door or chest merely select the item you want to open. After selecting the particular item type in “unlock” in the console.

It works for all doors and chests in Skyrim, the code may take away from an immersive aspect of the game, but it saves you a lot of time.

Player Advlevel

The Skyrim level up command is another command that sort of breaks the game. It takes away from the core grinding aspect of the game that got so many players into the series. However, if you’ve gone through multiple saves in the game, it’s understandable that you want a high-level character without all the grinding.

Just type in the command box “player.advlevel” to level up your character by one level. Copy/Paste the entire code into the command box to use it, again and again, to level up your character. The code will essentially allow you to have an end game character at the start of the game. The command is perfect for you if you want to play with a lot of different builds without putting all the grinding.

Learn All Spells

Staying on the topic of grinding becoming a master sorcerer in the game takes a lot of grinding. To discover every magic without using a mod, you need to attend the college of winterhold. Yes, you’re going to have to go through a full Hogwarts style quest line to learn all the spells. Even though the magical college quest line is incredibly exciting featuring a plethora of memorable moments. Among these moments are some of the best political feuds in the game.

However, you’re here because you’ve already put in the hours grinding and learning the spells in one play through. Even if you haven’t, we’re not going to judge at all. To discover all the spells in the game instantly type in “psb” into the command box. You’ll reach Gandalf levels of wizardry in absolutely no time at all.

Finish All Main Quests

If you’re an avid player of Skyrim, chances are you play through the main storyline once and then ultimately choose to ignore it in all your other save games. The beauty of Skyrim lies in the fact that you can choose to completely ignore the main quests and still have a bloody good time. Rarely are there games out there that can boast the same.

Some players may even argue that the user-generated quests available in the form of Mods are much more interesting than the main storyline. However, if the fact that you have incomplete quests annoys you, you can rectify it with a console command. Type in “caqs” to instantly finish all stages of your first quest. Going to the individual quest locations can be a bit of drag, but it’s much quicker than playing through the entire game.

Change Your Appearance

A lot of people put an insane amount of effort into the character they make. However, not every player turns out looking like a proper hero. It’s possible that midway through the game you start hating the appearance of your character. If you didn’t know about the magic of console commands, you probably thought you had to start a new game to completely revamp your characters’ appearance.

With console commands, however, you can type in “showracemenu,” and it’ll open up the character creation screen. Your game will kind of reset because changing the appearance of your player will cause them to lose all their skills. If you want to go from being a Nord warrior to a Khajit assassin there are some sacrifices; you need to make. Plus, with all the additional console commands, leveling up will be no hassle at all.

Level Up Skill

Leveling up skills is another core aspect of Skyrim; it’s something that helps shape your entire character. The game has 18 different skills; upgrading each skill is going to require a lot of experience gaining. As the theme of this article has been going, you’re about to find out that there’s a more natural way to go about the whole process.

Making use of the player. modav <name of skill> #, players can easily upgrade the power of their choice. Add in the name of the ability and the number of levels you want to upgrade by. The code becomes incredibly useful for upgrading annoying skills like speechcraft.

When you’re upgrading your archery skill be sure to use the skill name marksman. Archery and speech are the only two skills with different names,

Free Camera Mode

Ever wanted to explore the entirety of a location before plunging your character into its depths? Maybe you want to take a screenshot from a high angle? Without activating the free look camera none of these things are possible.

Unfortunately, most players go through Skyrim without ever using the free camera mode. Just type in “tfc” into the command console and revel in the freedom of movement you can now enjoy. Essentially what this mode does is let you leave your characters’ body and freely move the camera to your heart’s desire.

Next time you’re in the mood to take a screenshot in the game, you can access the free point of view to upgrade the screenshot. Taking an epic picture while battling a dragon has never been easier.


A significant irritation of players in the game is accidental deaths. It’s surprising how easy it is to annihilate something you don’t mean to in Skyrim accidentally. Even more irritating is the end of a companion. Having one of the better in-game companions die while they’re on a quest with you is something controllers tend to get broken over.

Save all the rage, however, as you can quickly resurrect in-game objects using the “resurrect” command in the console. Click on whatever you want to bring back to life and input the command. This is one console command that we recommend wholeheartedly,


One of the consoles commands out there that’s sure to make you laugh once or twice. It’s worth trying out this command watch how targets merely drop dead.

Steal All Items

Another code that can lead to several humorous situations is stealing all items. Targeting an NPC and using the command will allow you to take everything your enemy has immediately. One of the best target people that are attacking you.

One command and all you have is someone without any weapons or clothes for that matter running at you. It’s quite a sight.

Make NPCs Fight

Another command code that can lead to a lot of laughs. What this Skyrim command does is necessarily dictate the relationship two NPCs will have between each other. You can witness a lot of epic battles between whomever you please ideally.

To use the command, select two NPCs and type in “setrelationshiprank” follow this with the relationship number you want them to have. Set the relationship number at negative four to have the NPCs fight each other to death. If you’re into weirder stuff, you’ll probably want to set the relationship number at 4.

Spawn Whatever You Want

The “placeatme” command goes very well with the power to make NPCs fight each other. Each NPC in Skyrim has a unique ID that represents their identity. You can find all the IDs here. Just be sure to use the Base ID instead of the reference ID after typing in the console command.

Any character in the game is summonable as long as it’s not an essential NPC, you can’t spawn crucial NPCs. Additionally, be aware that if you gather an NPC, it won’t replace the one that was already in the game. Essentially, the game clones whatever you want to spawn. If you’ve ever been wanting to see a dragons fight each other, this is the command console for you.

Quit Game Immediately

If you’ve ever tried manually quitting Skyrim, it can be a bit of hassle. Nobody likes sifting through menus and waiting for the loading screens. If you want to speed up the whole process, type in the exit command.

After opening up the command console merely type in “qqq”, this will immediately exit your game eliminating the need for you to go through any menus at all.

Kill All Enemies

There are probably several situations in Skyrim where enemies surround you. These encounters can be some of the most fun and challenging in the entire game. However, sometimes the case can become overwhelming and you die at a critical moment. Don’t worry though there’s a way to save yourself.

Open up the command console and type in “killall”. The command ensures that all the enemies in the area drop down dead immediately. You can make the most comfortable getaway of your life afterward.

There are several other console commands out there that you can discover. One of the most useful things is the help console command, and it opens a list of all the console commands in Skyrim. The console commands Skyrim special edition are the same. So if you’re stuck somewhere or want to have a bit of fun, these are all the commands you can use.

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