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Angry Birds Online game is free for everyone. The game is a puzzled video game which has been developed by a Finland Based Ravio Mobile. The game was primarily released for Apple iOS in December 2009. Since then there have been many copies of the game which have been purchased from the Apple’s app store. The online version of the game is also available on the web and Angry birds online chrome version is also available with the offline mode. The first version of the game came out with a single episode named as “Poached Eggs”, which came with three themed chapters with 21 levels each. Later there came an update from Rovio which has been named as Mighty Hoax.

Angry Birds game is now available on google+, with the tremendous growth of google + it was expected angry birds to appear on their social networking sites. It has been played millions of more times once on google +.

Talking about the game, angry birds online is fun to play.

Game play is very interesting and players love to take control of the cute colored birds. The objective of the players in this game is to launch birds with slingshot and redeem the eggs. The eggs are captured by a bunch of pigs which are also cute with green in color.
The pigs are covered and protected by different kind of roof in each level. The material or the shelter is made of wood blocks, ice blocks and hard stones. You have to damage the structures covered on them to hit them. Explosives and other objects are also found in later stages to detach the structures.

As the game advances you will find various kinds of colored birds with special features and different abilities. The pigs also wears helmet to be more protective in advance levels. To unlock next level you need to defeat and destroy all the pigs. Once the level is completed, you will be rewarded with bonus points for unused birds. Stars will be given depending upon the level score points. You can re-attempt to score more stars or proceed to next level.

The angry birds online is available on all the android phone versions and iphone versions. Initially it was not available on all the android applications but now you can find it in all the phone versions. ITunes Apps store recently launched angry birds seventh update in last December 2011. The update was later released for Microsoft windows versions and Android.

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