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Run 3 is a fast paced single player game. In the middle of the space, a small character runs in the oddly shaped pipes that have square shaped holes in it. Your goal is to keep the character on track, avoid the holes, and level up by unlocking more characters.

There are two modes to choose from – Infinite Mode and Explore Mode. You can also view the galaxy in the galaxy map. The ‘information icon’ is on the top right corner, which displays information about the designer and programmer of the game. Spend your points in the ‘Shop’ to unlock different features and upgrade your character. The points in this game are called ‘Power Cells’.

When you reach level 3, grey-colored slabs appear in the course. They disappear after you step once on these slabs leaving a vacuum in their place. There are no hurdles in the path, just the holes that launch you into space once you fall through them.

How To Play Run 3?

The ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow keys are used to move forward and backward, whereas, the ‘space bar’ is used to jump. Constantly push the forward key to enhance the speed. Stay on the blue colored track and avoid falling in the holes.

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