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Game rating: 4.67 based on 3 votes.

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Tanko.io is the name suggests, is a game about tanks. In Tanko, you can battle friends and foes on tanks. Tanko is categorizable as a multiplayer online battle arena, and it is super fun to play.  In this MOBA style game, there are two teams of five players, who go head to head in all-out warfare.

The two teams are “Allied Forces” and “Soviet Union” giving the game a vintage vibe. Tanko.io also lets you choose between a total of eight different tank designs, and more coming soon. It is important to note that these are only skins of the tanks and will provide no added effects.

The objective of the game is pretty simple, destroy the enemy team’s base. How does one do that? By depleting the bases health with your tanks weapon. Keep in mind the enemy will be attacking your station well, meaning defense is as important as offense.

As you shoot down enemies, your tank will grow more significant and more durable. By doing so will make destroying the enemy’s base way easier. When you get shot down, you will have to wait for 25 seconds of respawn time. The number of lives you have is unlimited. Power-ups can also be picked up on the battlefield, and they appear randomly.

How to play Tanko.io?

The controls of the game are straightforward. You can move the tank with “ASWD” keys or the arrow keys, whichever you prefer. The mouse is for aiming and shooting the tank weapon, by moving the mouse around you can target, and the mouse left-click will allow you to shoot. The controls are simple to understand, but it will take time to master the tank movements and shooting entirely.

  • “ASWD”/Arrow keys- Movement
  • Left mouse click- shoot


  • Working as a team is very crucial to win in this game. In Tanko not only do you have to attack, but you have to defend your base from incoming attacks as well. It is essential to maintain both a balance of offense and defense to win.
  • Stick with your team-mates, strength in numbers works in this game. The more teams you have with you when attacking or defending matters in this game, as all the tanks are the same when you start.
  • Collect the power-ups scattered all over the map; they will give you an upper hand in battle. Shields will help you survive longer, meaning you won’t have to wait for the 25 seconds respawn time that much. Other power-ups can also give you an attacking power boost, making it easier to shoot down the enemy.
  • Focus on upgrading your tank in the early stages of the game, once you have a massive tank in your control, destroying the enemy base will become way more comfortable.

All in all, this is one fantastic game, is so simple yet the amount of strategy involved in this game makes it changeling. Plus you get to make an all-out war with tanks in a team, and it is simply epic.

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