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Home » Shooting Games » is a fantastic zombie apocalypse game, in this world filled with bloodthirsty zombies you must survive. follows a third-person shooter format, in a big map filled with zombies and other hostile players. You will need to get new weapons, scattered around the map and try to survive as long as you can.

This game has beautiful graphics, with amazing 3D graphics it sets the tone of a zombie apocalypse. The zombies are terrifying, and they get tougher as you progress, later on even jumping and crawling faster zombies also appear.

You start with a knife, and as you explore the map, you find better weapons. has a very simple loadout, you can carry a total of five guns, and the first slot is for your melee weapon a knife.

How to play

The controls might seem complicated. However, they are straightforward to understand. They follow the same typical shooter game controls; however, don’t worry if you are not familiar with such games as this article will explain them.

You use “WASD” or the arrow keys for movement. The “C” key is for crouching, and the space bar is for jumping. The mouse handles the aiming and shooting, Left-click to shoot and Right-click to aim. You can also switch between five weapons, that you have collected in-game. You can do so by pressing the “1-5” keys depending on the slot of a particular gun.

The “E” key to interact and do an action, it can also change your weapon. You can press “Enter” to open up the chat, then simply type in with your keyboard and press enter again to send the message in the conversation, pressing the “Tab” button will open the leaderboard, “P” key will allow you to pause the game and lastly the “L” key will lock/unlock the mouse.


  • “WASD” or arrow keys-move
  • “Shift”-roll
  • “C”-crouch
  • “Space bar”-jump
  • Left-mouse button-shoot
  • Right-mouse button-aim
  • 12345 to switch-weapon
  • E-do an action
  • Enter-chat
  • Tab-open leaderboard
  • P-pause
  • L-lock/unlock mouse


  • In this zombie apocalypse style game, high ground is the most critical part. Zombies cannot reach you that fast, giving you ample time to aim and shoot them down.
  • It is essential to gather weapons early on, don’t worry about ammo the game is very generous regarding it. As you kill zombies, they drop health and ammo often so that won’t be a worry. However, you must have a full loadout ready. To do that, you must explore the map.
  • Always remember to aim for the head, headshots do critical damage. If you know anything about zombies you probably already know about this tip, blow their brains out. is genuinely a fantastic game and is a gem to find online. It fully captures the brutal and deadly side of a zombie apocalypse, and the best part you can share it with other real-time in-game players. Making it so much more challenging and surprising.


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