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Yukon Solitaire is another variation of the traditional game that we all love. The objective of the game is simple, and you most move all the cards from the table to the foundation. The foundation is the four piles in the top most corner. You must move all the cards from the table to the foundation.

Players must place the cards in the foundation according to an ascending order. Which means you go from Ace to King. Where Yukon solitaire is different from regular solitaire is that you can reposition cards that aren’t in order as well. As long as they fit into the order.

How to play Yukon Solitaire?

The controls are the game are very straight forward. Simply click on a card to select, and drag it to wherever you need to place. You can easily play this game on any computer that is accessible.

Left-click– Select
Mouse– Movement


  • Don’t stress out, the game gives you the option to undo your moves. Make sure you retrace your steps whenever you get stuck somewhere.
  • Keep an eye on your score. The score you get in the game depends on the quality of your move and the speed.


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