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Solitaire is one of those classic examples of a game that can help you kill endless amounts of time. It’s one that you can play anywhere, and kill a bunch of time without having to worry.

The rules are similar to what you’d expect in a classic game of solitaire. However, there are a few little differences.

Essentially, in the game the objective is to build sequences of cards in descending order. The suit order depends on the type of game you’re playing. However, the easiest thing to do is start playing with only one suit. You have to move the cards around until you achieve King-through-Ace sequences. Once you achieve these you can remove the pile of cards and move on the next. The game ends when you complete all 8 builds.

How to Play Spider Solitaire?

The game is super simple to play, and all you need is a mouse. Simply click on the cards and drag them to move wherever you want.

Left Click- Select Card
Mouse- Move Card


  • Start with one suit so you get a basic grip on the game. Once you become a master of one suit, you can move on to more difficult options.


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