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Rooftop Snipers is that brilliant solution for you whenever you are feeling bored. The game makes use of a very feel good soundtrack. You’ll surely find yourself tapping your foot to infectious beat.

When it comes to the game, it’s a simple combination of easy controls and fun physics. The title might be misleading if you’re considering playing a more traditional sniper game. In rooftop sniper you’re not even actually playing as a sniper. You’re actually playing with a number of different pop culture icons. Each has their own weapon and the objective is to knock the opponent of the roof. First player to reach five points wins. Currently, gamers can choose to pick between playing single and multiplayer. Both modes offer a fun challenge and quick way to pass time.

How to play Rooftop Snipers?

The controls of the game are super simple. All you need to play is two keys. The W key controls when you jump. Jumping is the only way through which you can control your movement in the game. Each character sways forward and backward. The player must time the jump perfectly to move in the right direction.

The other key will control how you shoot. There’s no real aiming mechanism except the timing. Pressing the shoot button will cause your arm to swing up. The projectile will fire the minute you let go of the button. Every time you get a hit you’ll knock the opponent back a lot. The objective is to knock your opponent down off the roof


  • Be patient. The game can seem super simple but it’s all about timing. Getting your timing down is very important. Play a few rounds to get your control ready.
  • Don’t go jump crazy. If you spam the jump button, there’s plenty of chances you’ll eliminate yourself.
  • There’s method to the madness. Make sure you make articulate moves.
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