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If you like both cats and ninjas, then you have definitely come to the right place. Cat Ninja is one of the quirkiest and most fun games you’ll find on the internet. It has really great design and a combination of intuitive controls that make the game tons of fun.

As the title suggests you are a ninja cat. The game currently has 20 levels that you must play through. On each level you must take out a certain number of enemies before you can progress. Additionally, there are also coins that you must collect through each level in the stage. These coins will determine how well you complete each level and earn you different levels of stars.

The design of the game helps ensure that it’s easily accessible, and anyone can play. The controls are super simple.

How to play Cat Ninja?

To play the game all you need is a mouse. The right mouse button is your trigger. To launch your ninja, click the button and hold it down. Then you can move the mouse around to get the direction and angle right. Move the mouse further behind to increase the amount of distance you can cover.

Right click- Trigger
Mouse movement- Direction/Angle


Scout around and make sure you check out all possible moves beforehand. You have a lot of moves so you can decide to take a few strategic vantage points.

Try to get double and triple kills. You can easily take out multiple enemies with one single move. That means you can spend the rest of the level exploring.

Make sure you collect all the coins. To progress any single level you need to eliminate all the enemies. However, the ranking you earn in every level depends on collecting coins. To get all 3 stars, you need to collect all the coins in every game.

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