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What’s better than a single panda, a group of three that’s right. 3 Pandas is a fantastic puzzle platformer with a great design, and a brilliant setting. Instead of controlling one character, you’re in charge of 3 and the objective is getting them all to safety.

The best thing about the game is the fact that all three Pandas have their own unique identity. Each Panda plays a specific role and allows you to do different things. You must use each animals’ best ability to get to the end of the stage.

How to play 3 Pandas?

The game is super easy to play all you need is your mouse. The entirety of your movement is under the control of clicks. You can select the lead character by clicking on one of the three Pandas. There are different jumps that you can make as well, you need to make sure you click on spaces close to the main character.

• Use each panda to the best of their ability. You need specific techniques to get through certain levels. Don’t just stick to one single Panda.
• The puzzles in the game are very innovative. Make sure you enjoy each level to the fullest.

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