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Growing up almost everyone enjoys the classic snake game. Angry Snakes takes that same formula and ramps it up a notch. It’s an .io game and these are becoming increasingly popular.

The fact that you can enjoy your favorite game of snake online with other people is as good as it sounds. In terms of mechanics, the game is the same as the original series of snake. However, the game is much more competitive because you’re competing with other players. The objective is simple, all you have to do is become the largest snake on the map. You do this by collecting the various orbs that are all across the map.

Players can also choose to take an aggressive playstyle. You can eliminate other snakes on the map by cutting across their path. However, you can find yourself out of the game in the same way.

How to play Angry Snakes?

The controls are all super simple to understand. All you need to do to move around is use the arrow keys. Once you get the physics of the movement down properly, you can start taking advantage of the boost function .

WASD– Movement
Space– Boost


• Gain your size first. Once you’re large enough, you’ll be able to eliminate other competitors much easier.
• Don’t be afraid to retreat under pressure. You only get one try every round, cautious gameplay is the key to success.


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