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Remember as a kid, the joy of going to waterpark with your friends and family. There was something incredibly exhilarating about riding down from that longest slide. You can relive that incredible moment in The game is an insane amount of fun, will give you that nostalgic feel of racing down your slides with your friends.

It’s also hardcore online racing against other players, that’s the most beautiful thing about io games. You’re actually competing against other people. There’s only one race track currently but the racing is so much fun. You can collide with other racers to knock them off the slide.

How to play

Considering the fact that you’re already going down a slide, there’s really no acceleration or braking. All you’re in control of is moving left and right, which you can do using the A and D keys.
There are obstacles along the way that you have to avoid. If you hit the obstacle there’s a definite chance of you going flying. Even though you’re up in the air, there’s still a level of control you have over where you land. You can perform some eye-catching jumps.

A– Left
D– Right


• Make sure you knock into the other racers. Not only will bumping into them give you a boost, it’ll give you a higher podium finish
• Get the jumps. Instead of following the track, you can cover more distance using the jumps.

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