Trollface Quest

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A point and click adventure game, Trollface Quest challenges you with several illogical, but entertaining scenarios. Featuring 10 levels, this quest is entertaining and allows you to unleash your inner troll. The problems in each level do not have obvious solutions, so you must take your time to search for the solution.


Trollface Quest includes 10 exciting levels. Each level puts you in a new situation and has a new problem to solve. The issues range from having constipation in public to a mad scientist putting his phone in a blender. Each character and situation has different requirements, which you get to know by pointing and clicking.

How to Play

Use mouse to point and click on different items on the screen. When your pointer changes to a hand, it is an indication you can click on that item. However, if your pointer does not change its shape, clicking will be useless. The solutions in this game are tricky because the obvious items will end the game. The solution may be in the pocket of your character or in the backdrop. As you progress through the levels, the solutions will be harder to find. In case you fail a level, you can restart the same level.

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